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The Viking Feast
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The Viking Feast - Bombe Alaska

Mjølner Melbourne and Sydney have come together like never before – collaborating on an exciting book – aptly named The Viking Feast.

The part food and drink recipes, part Norse mythology, part behind the scenes storytelling and part bad-ass the coffee table style ‘ recipe book’ is set to shake up the way you approach your next dinner party.

With over 80 recipes – some of which have been as well guarded as the Bifrost Bridge since Mjølner’s respective openings in Sydney in 2017 and Melbourne in 2018, The Viking Feast will be jam packed with all the ingredients needed to immerse oneself into the magic of the restaurants and bars and recreate some of it at home.

It will be a combination of food and drinks porn, mixed with Viking lore and design, and a ton of stories from the Mjølner ‘clan’ as well as their guests.

It will also pay homage to some of the people who helped bring the Mjølner magic to life, from the maker of the custom ‘Hammer’ whisky decanters, to illustrators and leather makers and the stories and design behind some of the venues most lauded (and occasionally stolen) items.


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